Thursday, March 3, 2016

Awareness leads to better outcomes.

Process work helps groups increase their awareness.  Then groups can act with more intelligence and integrity and not get hijacked by their secondary process (see below).

Excerpt from this article. 
"In the Processwork view, groups like individuals, are seen as having specific/ identifiable communication forms or patterns, both intended and unintended. 

Groups are seen to have primary (foreground) and secondary (background ) processes.

 Primary processes are those that the group predominantly identifies with – usually the intended behaviours, espoused purpose, beliefs, identity, etc.  

Secondary processes are reflected in unintended behaviour, unconscious norms or beliefs (culture), repressed or marginalized energies which express themselves in indirect ways. For example, those who speak most tend to be identified with the identified primary processes, the more silent ones, with the secondary processes often not identified. 

Repressed, marginalized or disavowed aspects of the group tend to show up in the secondary processes or become projected on to other groups in the field."

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